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Industrial Health Check Up Plan
We have customized health package for all age groups.
The basic health plan includes the minimum range of tests necessary for a conclusive health assessment of an individual.
Today’s fast paced, stressful world, however, places a number of more specific health endangering demands on our bodies, which are investigated in our more detailed health plans. Therefore, for more thorough health check up, it would be advisable to explore our various master plans.
Basic Health Screening
This programme includes following investigations and consultation:
Doctor Consultation and full Medical Examination
Blood Tests :
HB, C.B.C & E.S.R
Total Cholesterol (40+)
Random Blood Sugar
Urine Examination
Electrocardiograph (40+)
Post examination consultation
Rs. 500/- RS. 350/-
Executive Health Check
Higher productivity is the key result area for a typical modern Executive. They have a very stressful life with demanding work scedules, missed meals and late hours. Rich food during paties, alcohol and smoking add to the stress levels and chomic physical and mental fatiue.

This check-up programme is specially designed to detect those diseases, which are byproducts of the contemporary executive life style. There may be potentially dangerous diseases of the heart, brain, kidney and general metabolism. Early detection and timely intervention will save unnecessary hospitalization and medical complications.
This programme is recommended for executive of either sex, irrespective of age.

This programme includes following investigations and consultations:

Doctor Consultation and full Medical Examination
Blood Tests :
HB, C.B.C & E.S.R
Blood Group (ABO, Rh)
Blood Sugar ( Fasting and Post Prandial)
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Serum Bilirubin
S Cholesterol
S Triglyceride
Urine Examination
Stool Examination
X-Ray Chest
Audiometry (Computerized)
PFT (Computerized)
Post Check-up Consultation
Rs. 3310/- RS. 2800/-