Welcome to our Med-Ind Concepts - Health Care Services
Med-Ind concepts has embarked into the services of Preventive and curative health with more than two decade of experience in Mumbai through its centers in the city and its suburbs.

Rising stress is a direct outcome of today’s fast paced, competitive world. Your lifestyle adversely affects your health, slowly but surely, in more ways than you can ever imagine.

In such a scenario, good health is a precious commodity for each and every individual. It is therefore absolutely essential
that you undergo a comprehensive health check up at the earliest even if you feel normal and healthy. You will be amazed
at what signals your body sends out.

We have customized health package for all age groups.
The basic health plan includes the minimum range of tests necessary for a conclusive health assessment of an individual.
Today’s fast paced , stressful world, however, places a number of more specific health endangering demands on our bodies, which are investigated in our more detailed health plans. Therefore, for more thorough health check up, it would be advisable to explore our various master plans.
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