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Chelation Therapy
Bypass, Angioplasty versus Chelation match
This is an important as well as risky surgery.
Needs an expert surgeon.
Hospital stay is compulsory.
One of the blood vessel from thigh is transplanted in the heart for bypassing the blocks in coronary
arteries & providing good blood supply to heart so as to normalize it’s blood how.
It is a very costly procedure. The cost is approximately Rs. 3 to 5
These patients need medicines life long.
The patient has to take rest after it.
The patient’s routine has lot of restrictions after this procedure.
This is an extremely difficult procedure.
This is an important surgery.
Needs an expert surgeon.
Hospital stay is compulsory.
Wherever there is block in the coronary arteries, a stent is put in the coronany arteries and they are opened.
Indian or foreign stents are used. Foreign stents are very costly.
It is a costly procedure and requires Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs. It depends upon in which hospital the procedure is done and by which doctor.
The patient has to take rest after it.
The patient has to take many medicines after the procedure.
The patient has to bear lot of restrictions after the procedure.
A repeat procedure can be required after 4-5 yrs.
No Need of surgery
Expert chelator is needed.
No need of hospitalization
Allopatic medicines are given and blocks are dissolved.
It is done at very low cost
After the treatment rest is not needed.
There are no restrictions after the
Most simple line of treatment.
It can be done at any time.